What table would you consider a god's send?

If you had to design your perfect tabel ahwt would it look like??? use your imagination and dont just say "a bunch of fish who can;'t help but give me his chips." I'm thanking more along the lines of games, limits, number of players, your stack, etc..... 

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PF_pitboss Platinum 3
3440d ago

I prefer 6-max PLO, with loose maniacs with big stacks on my right and tight passive players with medium stacks on my direct left.

motriuc Silver 1
3439d ago

a table from where imleaving with >5BI on a BBS strategy

vlady002 Silver 3
3438d ago

i prefer to play at table with 6 player max , NL Hold'em , and i wanna have players who have much money but me to be the lucky one who win :)) .

i don't like fishes >:P , i was hit into betmost at some table by fish player , only after i was double up my $ from table i've get some prime cards and i didn't fold it , because i was the "player who made action" and i know that i've good cards , but my opponents was hit by luck all time ! .....or i'm so stupid and i can't or i don't know when to fold good cards when i've made the action .

pulpi007 Bronze 3
3438d ago

i prefer 6-max fixed limet best . feel fish one paar calling turn and riverWink

pulpi007 Bronze 3
3438d ago

problem is betmost poker not feel FL tableFrown

somnorosu Silver 1
3438d ago

i like 6max tables becouse i like the action and mostly the TURBO table because there are many fish


6 Max.,100 BB,NL Holdem

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