New Year = New Poker Challenges

I don't know about anyone here, but I have decided to challenge myself this year to winning more money than I have in the past.  So far so good, starting in September of last year I started building a bankroll at PokerStars from nothing - ended the year just shy of $50 so no great but not bad.  The majority of my play was in the NAPL or the North American Poker League - Canada rookie division an 11¢ nightly tournament.  I highly recommend that if you do not have much money in your account that you look under the regional tab and play in available league games.  Payouts per game are not much but a consistent money finish will get you a monthly bonus which can be a big boost ( me $15 bonus in 2 months) not much but it is roughly 33.333% of my bankroll.

In December I found another league open to all players which got me another $5 bonus - could have been more but I was late joining.  First in this league pays $1500, but I'm a realist and will be happy with a $50 bonus.

As for cash games I am playing a bit now at the 1/2¢ and 2/4¢ tables and would like to move up to the $1/$2 tables before my birthday (June) or at least by years end.  I have played at this level before, but not with proper BR, so I'll move up according to sound BR management.  Again this will be done without me making a deposit.

I also hope to soon be able to play so buy in tournaments with a decent payout to also help grow the roll, but again I will not put too much of the roll at stake keeping in mind proper BR management

BR at Stars at year end 2010 ---- $46.xx.  Current BR at Stars $49.19.  Onwards and upwards I say.  Also all the best to you and yours, may your cards be live and all your pots monsters.  Best of luck at the tables.

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szakiz Silver 1
3979d ago

1.If you play poker because of fun, thats good.

2.But if you play poker to make some money, the income is not to mansion.

3.try to play some higher freerolls to make some more bankroll.

I can give you some tips

sfnwht Silver 3
3956d ago

Ok so January is over been paid my bonus $ and new bankroll total is $1051.00.  While still along way of from where I want to be it was one hell of a month.  And just to let you know $1000 was from playing in about 60 freerolls.

vlady002 Silver 3
3956d ago

hoho good freerolls runner runner ! :> 1000 $ from 60 freerolls ? ..sound superb

regional freerolls you say ? ...hh i'll check this and maybe i'll play some .

i don't use pokerstars from june 2010 :| . that was last time when i was hit by a bad management of my bankroll at big limits , and lose to much on good cards , :|

Posted by sfnwht on 02/03/2011 9:56PM [ Reply ]

The $1000 was not from the regional league but from another league on PokerStars that is open to all players.