Prahlad Friedman joins

Pretty shocking news that Prahlad "Spirit Rock/Mahatma" Friedman, who was reputed to be the person most cheated by their Russ Hamilton "super user" cheating scandal had decided to join UB.

UB must be psyched to get him as it gives the impression that all is forgiven.

Interesting that the promotions seems to highlight his rapping and basketball talents as much as his poker accomplishments.

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PF_Simon Gold 3
3983d ago

Really? Are they really looking that much for attention... sounds like Phil won't be around any longer (if not cut already)

Posted by sfnwht on 01/08/2011 12:35PM [ Reply ]

Both Phil and Annie have parted ways with UB.

sfnwht Silver 3
3981d ago

Personally I don't think it lends to the air or all is forgiven.  What are people going to say when/if Prahlad returns to winning ways, the thing that come to my mind if he starts winning and winning big there, is that it could be tweeked somehow....  Truly I don't think it would be but the thought is there and I think that UB doesn't care if all is forgiven, just as long as it is forgotten and or not known to new players who sign up.

He is arguably the first online poker 'GOD' clean break move on and no looking back. 

Headline coulda read " Online poker god signs deal with online poker devil...."

Plus for a guy who was so anti sell-out it seems odd to sign anywhere, let alone there.  I know according to him that he is happy with what has been refunded  and he is using a good portion to do charity work so kudos to him for that.

szakiz Silver 1
3979d ago


Dont know about this...but Bin Laden can register too to wash out all opponents :D