Winnings for December 2010

Well I've been slack in posting winning so far but so far this month I am at + $6 and I am still trying to just play in the NAPL rookie division for Canada.  Been having a bit of success there, as last month I made $7.50 bonus for my overall standing in the league which was somewhere between 20 and 50.

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PF_pitboss Platinum 3
4007d ago

What is your strategy or plan for playing?  Do you have set hours or events/levels you play?

Posted by sfnwht on 12/13/2010 5:06PM [ Reply ]

Started off as a challenge on building a bankroll from nothing. Saw that PS had these freerolls that awarded tickets to different levels of the NAPL 11¢ $1.10 and also a $11 which has been cancelled. So I freerolled into tournaments until I had enough for 2 weeks at the 11¢ level and have played that for the last few months and between frequent cashes and bonuses based on your points from the league now have $29 As for strategy I play a kind of hybrid game. I start off with a Big Stack Strategy typical of a cash game and then switch as dictated by the blinds/stack sizes ie tighten up and try get in some steal/re-steals. Changes close to bubble and or once in the money depending on blind/stack size again and play push/fold and try to maximize payout/points.

sfnwht Silver 3
3981d ago

Well final total for the month is just over $46.  Was hoping to bring it up to $50 but close enough to start a new challenge.  New year -- new challenges sounds good.