£5 tournament entry plus £1000 bonus

Well I decided to look for some free money bonuses to pass along to the members here.  And here is one that I found.


Skypoker is giving all newly registered players a £5 tournament token when they enter promo code POKER they will also automatically be entered into the £1000 Welcome Bonus in which they will give you £5 for every 75 points that you earn in the first 30 days at Skypoker.


So check it out and make some holiday cash.


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boleSt Silver 2
4007d ago

Nice offer, will check it out!!

PF_Mark Bronze 3
4006d ago

Are we allowed to market poker rooms with our own bonus codes on here?

Posted by sfnwht on 12/15/2010 12:48AM [ Reply ]

It not my bonus code this is a promotion from SkyPoker, I don't even have an account there as of yet. Thought I might spread a little holiday cheer by digging up a free money offer.

bum_bar Silver 1
4006d ago

It's not a personal code, it's a promotion code for all...

motriuc Silver 1
4005d ago

i get that money but i loose them...a friend of received last year just 1gpb and after 3days he make it 650$,and after that in just 2 hour he loose all

money...funny...good site,week opponents but riggid on dealling cards

katexl Bronze 3
3999d ago

uuu like this offer... i will see... tnx

Noxwin Bronze 2
3913d ago

this promotion is not only UK ?