Is Tiger Wood finally back?

Tiger Woods finally looked like the No. 1 player in the world.

In his first tournament since his divorce, he played by far his best round of the year Thursday at The Barclays, missing only one fairway and three greens in a 6-under 65 for his lowest score this year.

That put Woods in front with Vaughn Taylor as the early group of players were still finishing the opening round.


I have to believe that he's finally back to form but man its tough what if its just a round? If he can win this tournament I would certainly believe he's officially back to where he was before.

What you guys think? Woods still not back in shape or?

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shakkee Bronze 1
4116d ago

people say tiger is done, washed up . the guy is full of talent  and just because hes been playing like crap doesnt mean hes lost all his talent. just about every player on the tour goes through a rough time and they all bounce back, ( except  david duval ) lol

PF_pitboss Platinum 3
4116d ago

Yeah, once he clears his head, gains some confidence, he'll be back.  He has something to prove now.  People underestimate the mental aspect of a sport.  Davis Love never recovered from all his family trouble.  It can take a real toll.

SAMoh1 Bronze 1
4116d ago

I think that it had a little bit to do with the divorce but more to do with finally getting a coach back. For someone who is world number 1, he appears to rely very heavily on coaches for his swing.


Ya Duval never got back to his glory day... he wasn't that bad but sunk lately.

xuyandex Bronze 1
4114d ago

Tiger Became a father