Not sure if I made the right right pre flop decision in my bad beat.

I entered my second tournament yesterday, so I am still a beginner.

It was a $230. Buy in. With 159 players.  With 10,000 beginning chips.

After 3 hours of play there were 50 players left playing and blinds were up to $600, $1,200 with $200 ante with average stack size of 30,000 chips. 

Pre-flop bidding:   I was in cut off position with about $50,000 in chips and got pocket QQ.     Under the gun position had about $17,000 in chips and went All-in.    So I thought it was a pretty easy decision to call, so I did.   Then small blind ( tight aggressive) with $45,000 chips snap raises to all in.   So I still was happy to have pocket queens and thought I was already almost halfway down the road from already calling $17,000 so I decided to call an additional $28,000.  So I only had about $5,000. of chips left after calling.

Since both other players were all in, we all turned over our cards.  The original raiser in under the gun position had JJ. But the small blind position who also went all in when I called, had KK.  I knew I was dominated when I saw the pocket kings.   Of course all 5 community cards came and the pocket kings won.  I lost 95% of my chips in one hand.

I am not sure if I had made the right decisions.  Of course if I knew one player had kings, I would have folded.

My second guessing my decisions are:

1. Since I forgot to even consider the players behind me when I made the original call of $17,000., should I have gone all in at that time to ( to try)discourage having a show down with three players?

2. Should I have folded to the small blind who three bet All-In, after one All-In and a large call?  

3. Did I do the right thing because pocket queens are are darn good hand and pocket aces and pocket kings are the only two possible hands that would be stronger and are not very common?

4. Any other advice or thoughts?

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tmeadows556 Bronze 1
2708d ago

you have to look at the fact its online poker with a reraise he would have to have a monster if a raise and reraise was in front yes QQ is great but factor in the situation where you are in the tourney what is the cut off for the money is it 100% the only move or will this player being taken out help your situation even if you lose those chips online has many more factors to process before you call or raise all in most of the players are idiots but some are going to be good even in free rolls I made 5 buck from a free roll last me over a year just never got the bank roll I needed to make moves I needed too but its over why focus on the past remember but don't dwell could hurt you later trust the math but go with your gut if its worked before in the past it will help later

kocengmalek Bronze 1
2279d ago

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kocengmalek Bronze 1
2279d ago

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