Bonuscode --> new pokersite (naw, mother thinks not)

Among all who sign up at the link below, will be raffled off to the 5Euro voucher, a 10 € voucher! ---> Free real money poker EURO 5.0 credit (no deposit required, just sign up on this link) -> XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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Again this another spam member please read the forum rules, now off to the slammer to you!

Posted by mothersquatch on 08/15/2012 7:58AM [ Reply ]

Unless given express permission by Poker Forum staff (email xxxxx@xxxxx to get permission), there are to be no advertisements or solicitations for any service, product, or website regardless of whether the poster has an interest in said item. Members may not include affiliate or referral codes in any of their posts. If you find a great deal that you want to share with other members, please seek permission first before posting. If approved we will see that the member providing this deal gets credit. I think that #5 on the rules list makes it pretty clear & until someone from management emails me about any members being allowed to post a site or room, I will be "following the rules as they are laid out.