Entraction Skin Offered for A Deal


Operational online poker room within Entraction network is now offered for sale. Available are the brand name, .com domain, strong customer base.  To be working outside of the following jurisdictions excluded by the Entraction network: Canada, Israel, Norway, Russia, Turkey.

The site is active since 2007. A clean slate, no bonds whatsoever.

Reason for sale: Must leave the now evaded markets mentioned above.
The business can be developed throughout Europe (with only a few exceptions), Asia Pacific Region, Latin America.

A complete sale with business being attended by the highly experienced stuff  (English/ Russian support, designing, administration) TBD.

Affiliate solutions available.



Email: manager@888wow.com

Skype: longsba

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StuZel Silver 2
3773d ago

Maybe Ray Bitar and friends would like a new challenge now they have some time on their hands !

zzbigstackzz Silver 2
3773d ago

I wonder what the price is for everything? I also wonder how much these kind of sites have depreciated over the last few months.

PF_pitboss Platinum 3
3773d ago

I imagine a lot of poker skins are for sale in the current poker environment. Very few go, go, go growth markets right now.

pomppoker Silver 1
3769d ago

What is meant by Affiliate solutions available