Big Tournament Strategy

I was watching the main event on ESPN and I saw the chip leader with over 2 million playing very strangely. He was in almost every pot and and playing extremely loosely against good players. He just gave away a ton of his chips. That deep in the tournament the least anyone could've won was $35,000 and it got me thinking... If I were deep in a tournament that was that huge how would I play? I think I would just tighten up and wait for the field to dwindle down. I mean, with 2 million in chips I could just play solid hands and use position to end up with a huge payday. I know that's not how you typically play a huge stack in a tournament, but I'd do it.

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TedHeris Silver 3
3248d ago

Who early on chip leader quickly fall out of! That's it!

StuZel Silver 2
3246d ago

You can't win a tournament in the early stages - only lose it -