Why do people buy-in Min and play several tables?


I for one am not a huge fan of people coming to a cash table with the min buy-in. I think its really limits their ability to maximize profits...but also really stop them from playing a larger variety of hands.

Do you think that this min buy-in stragety is good? Why do you think it has become more common in poker then before? Do you think people can't afford the stakes and simply want to play higher stakes so they can make more and are willing to take the risk?

What are your views on min buy-in players? Love or hate them?


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george59 Gold 1
3654d ago

It,s called short stack stategy.....several poker training sites "train" their new players to play like this.


George pointed it out, basically if you sit down with the minimum you are allowed to you will try to make as much money as possible but you would be playing many hands since you have so little at the table, you will be less tempted to play some mid range strength hands you will simply wait for the right spot to play. If I hate them or not ... I think I do on a certain degree since these guys are playing so tight it kills the game but what can we do eh? You hope your junks with hold against his monster hand hehe

ExOnlinePro Silver 1
3654d ago

Well some do because they are rake-racing or points racing and its a way for them with a minimum bankroll to reduce the swings while playing higher limits.

It´s also usually a good indication that they are not at all comfortable with the flop-turn-river play, and want to get their money in when they think they might be a 2-5% favorite every time (ie. QQ vs AK) and take advantage of the other guys raising to try to get as much money in the pot as possible and shift those "coinflips" all the more in the favor of pot odds for the long run.

I dont hate these guys, of course I just like most other players that "make money" (or used to, since I am "Ex" player at this time), because I dont find them to do much harm and they are actually overall pretty weak.

But honestly, it sucks to sit on a table, get that one hand against one of these guys (a coinflip or maybe you dominated them and they pulled a win out of thier asses) and then they leave. That just isnt what poker is about, that is gambling (for my encounter that is).

It also hurts legitimate low-rollers (which I think is fine) who will take their 100 USD and buy-in for $20 at a time instead of $100 at a time and make 1 buy-in into 5x buy-ins effectively...

By the way, I wont name names, but some training sites do this because they earn % on the players, and the higher they play, the higher they rake while playing so they are not always teaching it purely to make sense for the players, but with an agenda of their own. Please always be a bit wary of things like that :)

PF_Mark Bronze 3
3654d ago

I have to agree with you that some rooms promote or advise players to use this strategy for their own benefit. Same with rake races...I'm not a big fan of them because it forced people to play a ton and obviously from experience the people who usually win are 2-3 buddies taking turns playing on the same account so tehy can basically play non-stop for the whole race. Obviously no real person could play as much as the winners do...in most instances...but obviously to the room its a lot about them raking a ton.


Posted by ExOnlinePro on 07/02/2010 6:38PM [ Reply ]

Well yes and no... At lower limits Cashgames beat all, but at higher limits SnG players start to dominate completely, because they pay a higher proportionate rake usually... If you play multiple $1000 SnG´s you pay a TON of rake per hour :)

Posted by sfnwht on 09/07/2010 4:53PM [ Reply ]

I belong to a site that teaches SSS, BSS, SNGS and MTTS. They don't endorse any style just teach you them, as well as proper bankroll management. As for it being in their interest of course any active player playing for them is in their interest. They also gave me a free start. Its how they pay for the freerolls and other value added stuff that they might offer I would sooner make someone money like this, than by joining a poker forum/training site where there intent is to generate an email list that they can then sell to multiple emarketing firms making themselves money and not paying back to their members.(not making any implications here) Several sites have increased the min buy ins from 20 big blinds to 35. Thus making it harder to effectively use proper BRM and proper SSS, as both are needed for the long term. Also some have added tables that are 20 big blinds max for those who like to play short. Again this means that people wanting to use proper SSS shouldn't be there.