We have done it AGAIN! Now receive points for your contributions!

Hey guys our programmers have done it yet again! As promised we have implemented a points system for all of our members.

Just go to the VIP REWARDS area , in the top right hand corner to see how it all works.

We'll soon have rewards and prizes for the top contributors to our forum, so let's work together and make this the best forum in the world!

This is still only in it's beta-stages, if there are any questions or concerns please e-mail us at support and we'll be happy to answer any concerns you have!

That's all for now, many more exciting things to come! Happy Posting!

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PF_Birdman Silver 1
4530d ago

As always, we're looking for your feedback to make the VIP Rewards section better. Keep in mind that the entire point of creating this is to ultimately have a USER-MODERATED Forum, so we can feature the "good stuff" and hide the "garbage" posts. So, we want to give Points for things that help PF grow in one way or another and NOT give points (or even deduct?) for things that don't help PF.

MichFran Silver 3
4530d ago

That is really a nice feature. A huge thank you to the programmers.

I'm curious what the rewards will be.

Posted by southsidecan on 07/10/2009 3:43AM [ Reply ]

its been alittle time coming but greatly apprieciated still tryin to figure out how to get the PF in front of my name ?? GOOD STUFF GUYS & GIRLS

george59 Gold 1
4530d ago

Smile Getting better and better Smile

jackbliss Silver 1
4530d ago

Very cool new feature guys! I am loking forward to the rewards!

southsidecan Gold 2
4529d ago

great stuff but how are you awarding points to the members as per topic, responses and comments,may I ???

Last updated: 07/10/2009 5:51AM
Posted by PF_Glen on 07/10/2009 5:52AM [ Reply ]

"Just go to the VIP REWARDS area , in the top right hand corner to see how it all works."

dabestplayer Silver 1
4528d ago

Wow I've been expecting this finally  =)

Blacksun Silver 1
4528d ago

Excellent new system. I look forward to moving thru the ranks and helping the forum grow.

southsidecan Gold 2
4524d ago

Reminder--- for all           take the time to read the posts and responses before    you tag a negative or positive vote

this forum is about intergretity for all the members so abide and appreciate what you read and consider where and what the member is trying to get across ,

sometimes it takes us to read it a second time to fully comprehend the message someone is trying to get across  ENJOY


The WORLD is our stageLaughing

Noxwin Bronze 2
4095d ago

Now I see, 415 members of the forum?:)