What are your thoughts about poker being "banned" in the US?

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PF_Jeff Gold 1
4100d ago
hopefully the "recession" will get the americans to rethink how they can stimulate the economy and re-legislate it into an allowable law. Clearly it's one of the largest if not THE largest market in the world
While it's a drag for the US players, really they only banned on certian networks. There are many sites that still accept them and I still get to play against them. I think the will to enforce of the law will wain soon anyhow, look at what the President was doing on national TV a couple of weeks ago? He drew up his March Madness brackets, the year before the FBI was investigating all online gaming involving the March Madness. The US Gov't was threatening to take legal action against Facebook to get client list because of (what they considered) online gambling. How things change in a year. My theory is that Bush lost tons playin online poker and decided to get them back (he was a regular poker player for years). So like any other unpopular law (prohibition) all it's going to take is more networks to allow US players (& a little Lobbying, isn't that how the congress works?) & individual states (like Cal, Alaska & other NW states have done with Marajuana laws) to makes laws that allows the bank transfers with online gaming sites. But that's just my thoughts...


southsidecan Gold 2
4098d ago
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ricky_roman Bronze 1
4098d ago
For some reason The USA thinks their foreign policy can govern gambling all over the world. There are only really a small amount of sites that do no allow usa players for fear of repercussions from the USA feds. Mothersquatch is correct, there are still a lot of sites that will allow USA players to join up, including some of the largest in the world (pokerstars, fulltilt poker). I am sure eventually( and hopefully) the US govt will come to their senses and re-allow online gambling once they can figure out a way to monitor and tax it accordingly. The IRS is world famous for being hard on any tax cheats, so in my opinion, the eventuality of this coming to fruition is only a matter of time.
I am wondering how only a relative handful of sites are allowed to carry on with this and yet some like Ipoker will not allow players from USA. Ipoker has probaby the largest set of skins in the world too numerous to name them all. Makes you wonder if the sites like Pokerstars and Full Tilt are already being skimmed.
PF Brandon