WOW, respect for the Antonious fish factor!

Hmm pretty weak play from a "pro"

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azzadinebahi Bronze 1
4049d ago

Unreal how weak she is, flop a set, and scared to bet! Although I can understand with the cards that fish Anotonius plays, She could have bet anythign there and he would have called no problem!

dabestplayer Silver 1
4049d ago

lmao she say "thought you had pocket kings"

Posted by PF_Jeff on 06/02/2009 5:15PM [ Reply ]

LOL ya weak

johan_sweden Bronze 3
4048d ago

That's funny, check your set of Jacks? Some "pro" she is!Cool

Posted by MichFran on 06/11/2009 8:43AM [ Reply ]

Pro LOL It's easy calling yourself a PRO, when you like her had the starting capital in the first place. Give me tons a money earned through acting, and I would have no problems calling myself a Poker Pro. I wish she would stay at actinf, cause there she real good.

pulpi007 Bronze 3
3439d ago

omg Tilly big big girl loves Antonius .Tongue out


vlady002 Silver 3
3438d ago

huh , :)) i allways lose when i've JJ vs AK ,KQ, AT , JQ , cards ! or they make str8 or flush !

sometime i hit set on flop , and in river i've made fullhouse , but in 60 % of the chase when i have JJ i lose . . . . . really i must learn to fold my cardds:( this is my bad point , i can't fold those pokets when i see into flop are small cards , and in turn or river i put all . :)