Wow! We did it again! Cool features added!

Hey guys, our amazing programmers have done it again! We now have font, emotes, and CARDS availiable to help you describe your hands and express yourself more individually.

Our programmers are stil working hard on correcting the issue of the cursor moving up to the left everytime you place more than one "icon"in a row, we'll keep you updated.

Major announcements coming soon guys! I cannot WAIT to tell you Cool  You'll be amazed!


In the meantime,



Remember, when you getAce of heartsAce of clubsAce of diamondsAce of spades you should bet BIG!Money mouth

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azzadinebahi Bronze 1
4585d ago

Very cool, keep up the good work guys! Jeff  how should I bet withKing of spadesKing of diamondsKing of clubsKing of heartsWink

Posted by george59 on 05/15/2009 11:11AM [ Reply ]

Hey.every time i get a royal flush .i win next to nothing....everybody on the table is wondering who has it and no one will bet

Blacksun Silver 1
4584d ago

Id fold your opponnent no doubt has Ace of clubsAce of heartsAce of diamondsAce of spades Wink


Fab stuff guys, I'm looking forward to playing with these new toys!!!


Now we just gotta get everyone to start using the vote option!!!

ExOnlinePro Silver 1
4580d ago

Just testing this feature so please disregards

Ah Ks

Posted by PF_Jeff on 05/20/2009 10:57AM [ Reply ]

I can delete it if you'd like , just e-mail me :)

Posted by southsidecan on 05/22/2009 9:54PM [ Reply ]

yes I agree this comment will not have anything to do with the subject??

southsidecan Gold 2
4578d ago

have been away for the last week or so but these features will allow us to personnize our comments more  

GREAT WORK Glad to be a part of this site

jackbliss Silver 1
4578d ago

Amazing guys! Keep up the good work, hopefully more to come!


This is VERY VERY KOOL!! good work fellahs!

Posted by southsidecan on 05/22/2009 9:58PM [ Reply ]

instead of just posting a response why would u not just post a comment to a :: response that has interserted you or ?????????????????