Private freerolls

Every day a cool freeroll with not much entry's (50 - 150) on carbon, fulltilt or absolute poker. Tune in to rounders radio 30 min before the tournament starts and you will get the password!

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mastereiden Bronze 2
4057d ago

thanks for telling:D         good luck at the tables

Sovietyku Bronze 1
4056d ago

What is rounders radio? Tongue out I don't understand that...but otherwise i see staff here is doing massive good work.

cplbear16 Silver 1
4056d ago

is advertising for other  forums allowed here??

Posted by DuvelS on 01/07/2011 2:02PM [ Reply ]

it's a internet radio station

DuvelS Bronze 1
3465d ago

Rounders radio is a radio station Wink. Tune in on for the daily  freeroll password.