Bellagio Using Marked Cards

Tournament Pro Jimmy "Gobbnoboy" Fricke revealed on his Twitter that the Bellagio Casino in Vegas regularly used decks with the Ace of spades that are marked. He's brought it to their attention and they've done nothing about it.

Supposedly it is a well-known issue among regulars, but that no one seems to care about it at all.

"Every single ace of spades is marked at Bellagio and no one gives a shit at all. I've pointed it out in $10ks (tournaments) and in big cash games and no one cares," Fricke writes, continuing his rant by saying that the marking appears as a result of the way the cards are stored.

"They are all warped because of the way they are stored," he adds.

The colorful American pro also admitted to have taken advantage of the marked aces himself, by confessing that he on one occasion used the information to pull off a bluff he otherwise would never have been able to make.

"Screw this. I get into a pot where I know my opponent has the ace of spades after I've told the table they're all marked. I feel like a cheater," Fricke writes.

"I pulled off a bluff in a spot I'd never try it," he adds.

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pomppoker Silver 1
3815d ago

Highly unlikely I would have thought

boomee88 Silver 1
3815d ago

if Bellagio casino using marked cards?! then the players go to play elsewhere!!!

TedHeris Silver 3
3814d ago

This is I think occurred in the WSOP! Pathetic!

motriuc Silver 1
3814d ago

and if everybody knows the A of spade i think is ok.problem was just a person to know!;)

axistilt23 Silver 2
3809d ago

Even if everyone knows the card is marked it's wrong and should be changed. It shifts the competitive balance. That's like saying it's ok to deal the Kh face up every hand.