Full Tilt Poker Dismisses US Employees

It emerged that Full Tilt Poker has parted ways with its American team. It now seems increasingly unlikely that Full Tilt Poker will be returning in America.

According to reports from various news sites and Twitter users, Full Tilt Poker dismissed its American employees yesterday night. However, it remains unclear what percentage of the entire team is affected and to what extent these employees are also involved in activities outside of the USA.

In general, the precise strategic implications of this step are unclear, although given the legal situation in the USA and Full Tilt Poker's global difficulties, it seems a little overdue. 

It's also possible that a UK focused investor stipulated this as a condition for investing.



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szabby69 Silver 2
3818d ago

The glossary here on ps.com says about Tilt when one hovers his mouse over the dotted lines... "Playing emotionally and being either too aggressive or too insecure to play hands aggressively."

I'd add a glossary on Full Tilt too... "Playing emotionally and being either too aggressive or too insecure about ever being able to play any more hands there again."


Here's another story I found about FTP....

Poker Companies May Be Buying Full Tilt Poker

There are rumours circulating that Playtech, 888 Poker and Bwin are the ones negotiating for Full Tilt

Rival poker companies may be launching a joint offer to buy the ailing poker website Full Tilt Poker. It is possible that rival poker companies, Playtech, Bwin and 888 Poker may be the European businesses who have been negotiating over the purchase of the Full Tilt Poker brand. The ailing website was once the second biggest poker site on the World Wide Web only to have seen a devastating fall from grace that began on April the 15th and is still continuing and has resulted in thousands of disgruntled players impatiently waiting for their money to be returned to them by the poker site which is being chased for $150 million in players funds.

Should the rumours of the industry monoliths looking to purchase the full Tilt brand turn out to be true players will be able to breathe a sigh of relief as the chances of them getting their money back go up a great deal. The professional poker executives at 888, Playtech and Bwin would pay back players the instant they went operational with Full Tilt, they would have to for anyone in the poker world to take the site seriously.

 This could be interesting...but do they re-open FTP or will they absorb it into a new Mega-site to rival PS???

szabby69 Silver 2
3818d ago

Can't believe it took this long!! Not paying back players money or paying license fees but continuing to pay salaries to employees in a country where you have been shut down and are no longer operational?? Took them 4 months to get around to laying these people off?

axistilt23 Silver 2
3818d ago

Yeah it makes sense to me... There is no product in the country so why have employees from the country(unless you are US employers)? It just sucks that even more American jobs are lost. Hey congressmen, legalize and tax marijuana and online gambling and you can atleast make a positive step in rectifying the financial woes of the US.

TedHeris Silver 3
3814d ago

Of course, it is rejected. Because of you the trouble. Because, I mean Americans.

dumguy Bronze 1
3493d ago

The CEO recently surrendered to the DOJ.