PokerForum $300 Freeroll Registration(10/07/2011)

Weekly thread guys don't forget to enter your BetMost username once you qualify so we can give you your token. Lets bring more people so players can own this tournament! Money mouth

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1) Post 3 or more substantive original posts or replies each week on

2) Post your BetMost Poker ALIAS in this thread
NOTE: You must do this only AFTER you have done #1 for the week

3) We will verify your posts and credit your account with a Bronze $300 Tournament Token

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Place: BetMost Poker

Date & Time: Sundays @ 20:00 GMT

Prize Pool: $300 USD

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atula7 Silver 1
3319d ago

Nickname: DiachoMazzi

Posted by mothersquatch on 07/07/2011 12:36PM [ Reply ]

7 words in 5 you think that's worth a ticket for a tournament? PI members have to play poker for a couple of hours to earn this same ticket (depending on what level they play at). Why not just pick one post a day spend 5 mins thinking of a substantive reply or you could find a story of your own to start a thread? Please don't take this as a personal attack on anyone, many others do the same. I just wanted to give everyone a different way of contributing to this forum. I understand not everyone has the time to research topics the way I do, but it would be nice to have someone other than PitBoss to exchange with!




boomee88 Silver 1
3319d ago

nick: boomee88

TedHeris Silver 3
3318d ago

BetMost nick: TedHeris24

somnorosu Silver 1
3313d ago