Good or bad experiences at poker rooms

I am interesting in at how many rooms are you playing, and at which rooms you have the best experience.

Not really mean what kind  of players you found there, but how many luck u have with dealers :)

For example I never get my monster rewarded at ipoker room ( NEVER )



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To be honest, in the past I was kinda moving from room to room because of badbeats etc but I realized that its the same thing everywhere so I play where I get the most benefits for my play, right now BetMost serves me well + I get a free token by posting here incase I don't play much during the week.

PF_pitboss Platinum 3
3375d ago

I'm from the US, so my options are more limited (usually play Full Tilt), but I wish I could play on BetMost, because it does have a good reputation and I could have access to all those fishy euros...hehe

boleSt Silver 2
3375d ago

At the beginning of my online poker carrer i was switching beetwen rooms because of very bad bad beats...but now i have settled on betmost and although there are some very funny bad beats i'm very satisfied so if u can play on betmost i suggest u do :)

volchonok88 Silver 1
3374d ago

I played at Ongame. I heard that Ongame have most strange RNG. Today I tryed to play at PokerStars (sng and mtt)... Such number badbeats I didn`t see at Ongame... And players are different too. In my opinion PS players are more aggressive. Ipoker is between them :)